Laser cutting of metal plates and profiles


We offer cutting and processing of metal plates, pipes and hollow sections using a CNC laser cutting machine.

Maximum thickness of metal plates for cutting:

  • black steel – 12 mm,
  • stainless steel – 8 mm,
  • aluminum – 5 mm,
  • copper and brass – 4 mm.

A special instrumentation add-on allows us 2D cutting in pipes and 3D cutting in rectangular, square, elliptical, and polygonal profiles with a maximum thickness of 6 mm.

Maximum dimensions of a work piece:

  • sheet metal – 3000 mm × 1500 mm,
  • pipe: diameter – 600 mm, length – 6000 mm,
  • profile: diameter 150 mm, length 6000 mm.

Powder painting


We offer powder painting of metal elements. We provide our customers with a large selection of colours (RAL) and guarantee the application of the desired type of paint coating – smooth, structural, gloss, matt, etc. We ensure the proper preparation of metal surfaces prior to painting – washing, degreasing and phosphating.

Metal processing – cutting, bending, welding


We offer our customers a range of services related to metal processing, including turning, guillotine cutting to size (metal thickness – up to 6 mm, max cut length – 3000 mm), and cutting of pipes and profiles. We also offer metal plate bending on a CNC bending machine (thickness: steel plates – up to 2,5 mm, stainless – up to 1,5 mm, aluminium – up to 4,0 mm, cut length – 2600 mm) and a CNC press brake (pressure – 100 tones, cut length – 3050 mm).
Moreover, we offer welding of plates and profiles of “black” steel, stainless and aluminium.

Regeneration of metal cabinets and enclosures


We do repairs and reconstructions of metal cabinets and enclosures affected by fire, corrosion and mechanical damage. The scope of work, depending on the degree of damage, includes: renewal of the paint coating, replacement of damaged pieces of sheet metal, filling, fabricating and installation of missing or not suitable for regeneration items, etc.