Control panels for stationary machines and devices

JS INTEGRAL manufactures control panels for stationary machines and devices based on documentation provided by the customer (electrical and mechanical), complying with the relevant requirements of PN-EN standards, including mining standards

Depending on the application and functionality, we offer the following types of control panels:

  • machine operator control panel
  • signal-control panel
  • local control panel


  • to control stationary machines and devices
  • to protect electrical devices of machines against the effects of short circuits and overloads
  • to monitor machines and devices operating parameters
  • to visualize technological processes and automated production lines


Control panels are intended for stationary machines and devices used in:

  • brown coal strip mining
  • mining and processing of mineral resources
  • various manufacturing industries, including the manufacturing of building materials
  • infrastructural and other facilities


Control panels for self-propelled machines are manufactured in steel, stainless or acid-resistant steel housings

The size, ergonomic shape (in particular machine operator control panel), and the logical and functional arrangement of the signalling and control equipment on the front panel of the control panel make it easy for operators to control the machines and devices


  • machine operator control panels mounted in operator cabins, stations, at automated production lines or machining centres, but also on machine frames and in designated areas
  • signal-control panels, local control panels mounted on machine or device frames and in designated areas

Closures of front panels, doors and lids of control panels and boxes (screw connections, locks, hinges, gaskets) – are adapted to their size and IP protection requirements

Mounting elements: boards and mounting rails, handles, brackets and mounting profiles – provide optimum configuration of control panels and boxes


Control panels for stationary machines and devices are equipped with modular equipment (including connection elements) adapted for mounting on standard TH35 rails and others. They are also equipped with single devices mounted on mounting plates, brackets inside the housing, as well as on front panels and housing doors

The basic equipment of the control panels, depending on the version, is as follows:

  • electric equipment – signal, control, distribution, security, measuring and switching equipment, including connecting elements
  • electronic equipment – computers with data displays, controllers, “smart” relays, USB sockets and more
  • signalling and measuring equipment – signalling devices, gauges, meters, and more
  • wiring – insulated wires with the required rated insulation voltage, required mechanical resistance, color and cross-sections selected for specific current carrying capacity and type of equipment

Technical specification

  • rated voltage Uzn – power supplies – 230V / 400V lub 500V AC
  • rated voltage Us – control panels – 230V AC lub 24V DC
  • rated insulation voltage Ui – do 1000V
  • rated frequency – 50 / 60 Hz
  • continuous current Izn – do 250A
  • degree of protection IP – 54-65
  • mechanical resistance degree IK – 8-10
  • protection class – I

Example products