Control cabinets and automation

JS INTEGRAL manufactures control cabinets based on documentation provided by the customer (electrical and mechanical) or other technical arrangements, complying with the relevant requirements of PN-EN standards, including mining standards.

Among the LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL SWITCHGEAR product category, the control cabinets are a subset of products with a high degree of technological advancement.


  • for power distribution and protection of electrical equipment against short-circuits, overvoltage and overload
  • to control the operation of motors, pumps, fans, air conditioning, drives and other electrical appliances
  • to control production processes in production and energy production / distribution companies
  • to signal, control and monitor the performance of machinery and equipment, and technological processes in industry and power industry
  • to implement control and monitoring functions in BMS and HVAC systems


Control cabinets are intended for:

  • machines and equipment used in the manufacturing industry, surface mining, ore mining, energy, telecommunications and other industries
  • residential housing
  • public buildings (administrative, office, shopping centers, hotels, educational, health, religious, sports and others)
  • infrastructure – industrial, ecological, engineering, hydrotechnical and other buildings


Control cabinets are made according to the customer documentation in steel, stainless or acid-resistant steel housings.


  • made as hanging cabinets, wall or freestanding, mounted indoors or outdoors, also made with thermal insulation
  • full door (adapted for installation of control and measuring equipment) or transparent
  • hinged inner door for mounting additional control and measuring equipment
  • locking mechanism: locks, hinges, gaskets – adapted to the overall dimensions and to the required degree of IP protection
  • cabinet mounting elements: mounting plates and rails, masking plates, handles, brackets, mounting profiles – for optimal configuration


Control cabinets and automation units are equipped with modular equipment (including connection elements) adapted for mounting on standard TH35 rails and others, as well as single devices mounted on mounting plates, brackets or external doors and cabinets.

The basic equipment of the control cabinets, depending on the version is:

  • electric equipment – distribution, security, measuring and switching equipment
  • electronic equipment – signaling and control equipment (including PLCs), inverters, regulating, measuring, communication and other equipment, tailored to the individual needs of the customer
  • auxiliary equipment – air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, limit switches and others, tailored to the operational requirements of cabinets, ensuring their operational reliability and safety
  • wiring – made of Cu rails or insulated conductors with cross-sections selected for the required current carrying capacity and type of equipment

Technical specification

  • rated voltage Uzn – 230V / 400V
  • rated insulation voltage Ui – up to 1000V
  • rated frequency – 50/60 Hz
  • continuous current Izn – up to 630 A
  • degree of protection IP – 40 to 65
  • mechanical resistance degree IK – 08-10
  • protection class – I

Example products