JS INTEGRAL manufactures metal enclosures based on technical documentation provided by the customer, complying with the relevant requirements of PN-EN standards, including mining standards. We manufacture wall-mounted or free-standing enclosures with max IP65, made carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Among the available products, you will find enclosures for electrical, electronic and telecommunications equipment, including:

  • enclosures for control cabinets
  • enclosures for control panels for machines
  • forehead switchgear enclosures
  • gas cabinets and access doors
  • work / storage cabinets
  • access doors and casings


  • for the installation of electrical equipment: distribution, security, signalling, controlling, measuring and other
  • for the installation of electronic and automation equipment, including PLC logic controllers and other devices for controlling, visualizing and monitoring of processes in BMS and HVAC systems
  • to ensure a high degree of protection of the built-in equipment against mechanical damage, dustiness or flooding



  • machines and devices used in the manufacturing industry, brown coal strip mining, ore mining, power engineering and other sectors of the economy
  • multi-storey housing
  • infrastructural and utilities facilities



  • sheet steel, stainless or acid resistant steel
  • housing: monoblock type, welded
  • closures: front door - full or transparent, single or double door
  • sealing: gaskets applied to the housing body flange, glued or cast (polyurethane) on the door of the housing
  • openings: in the housing body, in the door, in the mounting plates - according to the customer documentation
  • corrosion protection: powder coating - standard color according to RAL palettes
  • dimensions of enclosures: adapted to the intended electrical equipment
  • assembly elements: mounting plates, TH35 rails, mounting profiles (perforated), brackets and others
  • accessories - ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, limit switches, cable entries and other suitable for the operational requirements of the cabinet

Example products

Enclosures for control cabinets

Enclosures for control panels for self-propelled machines

Enclosures for control panels for stationary machines

Forehead switchgear enclosures

Gas cabinets and access doors

Access doors and casings

Work / storage cabinets