JS INTEGRAL manufactures control panels for machines based on documentation provided by the customer (electrical and mechanical), complying with the relevant requirements of PN-EN standards, including mining standards.


Depending on the application and functionality, we offer the following types of control panels:

  • machine operator control panel
  • signal-control panel
  • control box

The control panel product range is complemented by the electrical wiring harnesses, manufactured based on customer’s documentation.


  • to control self-propelled machines
  • to protect electrical devices of machines against the effects of short circuits and overloads
  • to monitor machine operating parameters (working time, fluids pressure and temperature, fuel consumption, air conditioning and others)



  • mining of metal ores, especially copper ores
  • mining and processing of mineral resources
  • tunnel construction
  • infrastructure construction in road works, earth works and others



  • electric equipment – signal, control, distribution, security, measuring and switching equipment, including connecting elements
  • electronic equipment - computers with data displays, controllers, “smart” relays, USB sockets and more
  • signalling and measuring equipment - signalling devices (eg sound), oil temperature and pressure gauges, fuel level gauges, hour meters, manometers and other
  • wiring - insulated wires with the required rated insulation voltage, required mechanical resistance, color and cross-sections selected for specific current carrying capacity and type of equipment

Example products

Control panels for self-propelled machines

Control panels for stationary machines