JS INTEGRAL, apart from basic production, also provides comprehensive services:

  • sheet metal laser cutting
  • powder painting
  • metal processing
  • machining of enclosures and mounting plates
  • wiring production - electric bundles

Details of the services and the scope of the works performed are presented below.

Sheet metal laser cutting


As part of our services, we offer laser cutting and processing of sheets, pipes and closed profiles.

Maximum thickness of sheet metal cutting:

  • carbon steel - 8 mm
  • stainless steel - 4 mm
  • aluminium - 5 mm

The maximum dimensions of the processed sheet metal are 3000 mm × 1500 mm.

Powder painting


We provide powder coating services. We can paint in any RAL colors and many types of coatings - gloss, semi-matt, structure, etc. We prepare the surface before painting - we degrease it and phosphate it.

Maximum dimensions of the painted elements: 3000 mm x 2000 mm x 1500 mm

Metal processing


We also offer a number of metal processing services, including: turning, sheet metal bending on a folding machine and a press brake, punching, guillotine cutting to size, argon arc welding, grinding, etc.

Maximum bending / cutting length: 3000 mm.

Maximum thickness of the bent material: 4 mm / cut: 6 mm (applies to "black" steel).


Machining of enclosures and mounting plates

We offer machining of enclosures and mounting plates on a CNC machine, ensuring the highest accuracy, speed and repeatability.

Range of services:

  • cutting outings and drilling / treading holes in enclosures made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic,
  • drilling / treading holes in mounting plates for the above-mentioned enclosures,
  • max. dimensions of processed enclosures: width 2200mm x height 1600mm x depth 1000mm.

Note: at the client's request, we prepare the documentation necessary for drilling.


Wiring production - electric bundles


We offer processing of electric wires (power, control, signaling and others) in the scope of:

  • cutting and stripping wires,
  • crimping cable terminals,
  • wire marking (direct printing on wires),
  • fixing the finished cables on adhesive tapes in a specific sequence

Processing of wires with a cross-section from 0.5mm2 to 2.5mm2 is performed fully automatically on the PWA 6000 machine with a speed of up to 120 wires per hour.

In addition, we produce electrical harnesses according to the provided documentation and customer requirements. The scope of this service may additionally include the processing of single and multi-core cables in the scope of:

  • soldering and tinning,
  • insulating with heat shrink sleeves,
  • marking wires with markers,
  • assembly of connectors and other contact elements

The wiring harnesses are made both manually and partially automatically.



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