JS INTEGRAL manufactures control cabinets based on documentation provided by the customer (electrical and mechanical) or other technical arrangements, complying with the relevant requirements of PN-EN standards, including mining standards.

Since 2019, we have started the transformation towards the implementation of INDUSTRY 4.0 solutions, thanks to which we can now offer our services at the highest level. The digitization of preparation for the production of control cabinets, as well as the automation of the production of key production stages, allows for a significant reduction in the production time of cabinets, both in serial and unit production, while maintaining the highest quality.

This is how we build control cabinets !

Control cabinet manufacturing 4.0


Design and preparation for production


The production process of each control cabinet begins with the creation of a virtual model in EPLAN Pro Panel or SEE Electrical 3D Panel, and preparation for the production of housing, mounting plates and complete wiring


Machining of enclosures and mounting plates


The Steinhauer Modcenter 263 machine allows us to automatically and precisely cut holes for devices mounted on the enclosure, as well as drill and thread holes in mounting plates


Wiring production


The Steinhauer PWA 6000 machine fully automates the process of trimming, stripping, crimping and marking wires, increasing productivity and ensuring consistent and precise quality, which allows us to reduce processing time by up to 75%


Control cabinet assembly


We assemble the control cabinets in accordance with the technical documentation and the use of the EPLAN Smart Wiring or SEE Electrical Shop Floor virtual assistant, which allows for a significant reduction in assembly time as well as easy progress control.


Testing and documentation


Before delivery to the customer, each control cabinet is checked for correctness of connections (confirmed by appropriate measurements), as well as as-built documentation is prepared

The control cabinets we manufacture are used in many industries, in particular they are used:

  • for power distribution and protection of electrical equipment against short-circuits, overvoltage and overload
  • to control the operation of motors, pumps, fans, air conditioning, drives and other electrical appliances
  • to control production processes in production and energy production / distribution companies
  • to signal, control and monitor the performance of machinery and equipment, and technological processes in industry and power industry
  • to implement control and monitoring functions in BMS and HVAC systems

Example products

Control cabinets

Cable boxes and cabinets for mining

Junction boxes